Geographical importance of Pakistan

250px-pakistan_6580715e_2654314n_small1Pakistan has a very important geographical importance. Pakistan has all the features of nature like Mountain ranges, Sea , Deserts. Pakistan has all the four seasons: Summer,Winter,Autumn, and Spring. Pakistan also allow its sea for the transporation for many countries like China, Afghanistan etc and many indepentdent states which comes after the war of Russia .Because Land lock countries has no water route for the transportation. Pakistan is present in a chain of Muslim countries. For this reason Pakistan is also called as Centre of Muslim World. Pakistan is a great supporter of third world countries.


9 Responses to “Geographical importance of Pakistan”

  1. zohaib ali hisbani Says:

    yes i know the importance of geography in pakistan.
    i am also learning the geography in sindh university. of pakistan.

  2. I am very biggest follower of the geography.
    Its a my favourite subject.

  3. Dear Sir,

    i m student of B-Tech (Pass) civil, tomaroo my exam of Pakistan idiology so if you mail me data about this topic “Geographical importance of Pakistan” so i will very thank full to u

    Thanks & Regards
    Shoaib Jamal

  4. waqas iqbal Says:

    I like your blog.Cool one

  5. kindly email me some more information.

  6. ……………….

  7. Thank you for spending free time to publish “Geographical importance of Pakistan Afridi1990
    Weblog”. Thank you so much for a second time

  8. usmankhan1990 Says:

    Its my pleasure Brittany, if you want any further detail about this topic then let me know 🙂

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